Tuesday, July 22, 2008

excuse me

but who the balls is chauncy peppertooth.

p.s. well let's talk about my day, i woke up around 11:30 and felt quite hellacious. after watching some of good ol' fuel tv with rod for about 20 minutes i knew it was time. pukezilla! threw up and then came and laid down in my room on the couch feeling like i was jim greco the morning after his baker2g intro. then i threw up again like an hour later. then like hella again another hour later. then i was like ov's throwing up n shit so i laid down on the green couch with a towel and then like 30 or 40 minutes later josh came in and i asked him to get me some office water and ibuprofen. the perfect cure! then i kept lying on this couch for about an hour kinda passed out. woke up and zam! feeling slightly better! alright! so then i just kicked it with clumsky and am back laying on the couch. i'm thinkin i might be feelin close to normal in about an hour or so, so let's pray to done!

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