Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Come on Done Blog

Alright guys, we only had 39 posts in the month of January. By my extremely hard long and difficult calculations that will total out to 468 posts for the whole year. If you'll now scroll down and to your left you'll notice the Blog Archive. As you see there we were totally click click boomin in oh nine or no nine, then dropped off a little bit in oh ten or done ten. By the looks of it, posts could drop even lower in oh eleven fuck a heaven. This month we're already off to a great start and with our current average of at least 2 posts per day. And with the "content blockage" imposed and our new favorite place to go all the time, we're really going to need to step our game up. So what do you say guys! Let's Done Blog This!

p.s. aight late

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