Friday, February 25, 2011

Damn look at all that SHIT on that license plate


The Notorious B.I.F. said...

You're right outside of KUMed, what do you expect to see...a Nebraska Cornhuskers plate? I'd be more concerned with why I'm driving to a Hospital than why some doush-bag in a Volvo has a KU plate.

P.S. There's better/faster parking in the Olathe Parking Garage (behind the Hospital), it's almost never full.

Sam McGuire said...


1. The Cornhuskers.
2. Olathe

Come on guys, let's keep the comments clean, ok?

Max, fool. said...

I wasn't going to the hospital you dumbdick, and my number one fucking concern is always the DONE BLOG.

p.s. Sam's right, a nebraska reference? and olathe? ugh